Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

We have built up an excellent reputation with our customers over the years for quality and our proactive attitude towards Health and Safety and the Environment. As part of this commitment to maintain the reputation we have with our customers, we have a number of policies in place to demonstrate our attitude to quality, health and safety and the environment (QHSE). These policies ensure the highest standards of business ethics, honesty, openness and accountability are maintained.

Quality Policy

At Had-Fab we have put a significant investment into the modern machinery and infrastructure at the company in order to ensure that the company has the capacity to meet all customer requirements. Our vision is to continue to develop the business so that we can continue to provide our customers with products that are of the highest quality, safe and environmentally responsible.

The purpose of our Quality Policy is to ensure an effective management system is maintained, that meets customer requirements and achieves high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Quality Policy can be downloaded below:

HadFab Quality Policy – expires Oct 17

Environmental Policy

At Had-Fab we acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and have integrated our environmental accountability into our management systems. There is an ongoing commitment to continually seek to improve our environmental performance, reducing our impact wherever possible.

Our Environmental Policy can be downloaded below:

HadFab Environmental Policy – expires Oct 17

Sustainability Policy

At Had-Fab we recognise our responsibility to minimise the impact we have on society and the natural environment at all stages of our work, whether it be in design, manufacture or supply of materials. Our Sustainability Policy outlines our commitments to maintaining the sustainability of the work we do.

Our Sustainability Policy can be downloaded below:

HadFab Sustainability Policy – expires May 17

Health and Safety Policy

As a fabrication company we recognise the risks involved in the work we undertake and as such we have a strong commitment to ensuring that the standards of health, safety and welfare practiced are as high as is reasonably possible. Our Health and Safety Policy outlines the commitments we make to promote and maintain a high standard of health and safety within the company.

Our Health and Safety Policy can be downloaded below:

HadFab Health and Safety Policy – expires Oct 17

Code of Ethics Policy

Had-Fab strives to earn and retain an excellent reputation and so we take our responsibility to meet high standards very seriously. Our Code of Ethics sets out our commitment to our suppliers, customers and employees to ensure the integrity of our business is maintained.

Our Code of Ethics Policy can be downloaded below:

HadFab Code of Ethics Policy – expires May 17


REACH is a European Community Regulation on Chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006).  It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances.

Our REACH Statement of Compliance can be downloaded below:

HadFab REACH Statement of Compliance