Exposure by Antony Gormley

Exposure is one of Had-Fab’s most unique and iconic pieces of work, and showcases just what the we are capable of. Comissioned by artist Antony Gormley, Exposure takes the form of a crouching man, weighing over 60 tonnes. The team at Had-Fab had to overcome many challenges to make this project a reality, but in 2010 it was finally completed and the structure now stands in Lelystad, in the Netherlands.

Exposure attracted a lot of attention both locally, and in the media. We carried out a full check-erection at our East Lothian premises – creating quite a talking point on the local landscape – to prove the design before it was shipped in pieces to the Netherlands. Below are photos of Exposure both during its construction and once completed; as well as press coverage of the structure throughout its construction. Videos about various aspects of the Exposure project, including an interview with Antony Gormley can be found here.

Exposure in the Press

Exposure (as Manvanstaal or Manofsteel ) on Twitter (Dutch)  (Google translation)

Lelystad local web site:

The Sunday Times  (June 7, 2010):  How Antony Gormley’s latest work is very big news

Omroep Flevoland (June 2,2010): Lelystad Advies: De Hurkende Man uitlichten

Omroep Flevoland (March 10, 2009):  FlevolandLandschapskunstwerk pas later klaar 10-03-2009

East Lothian Courier (May 20th, 2010): Crouching man shows his metal