Had-Fab were commissioned to manufacture two, 36-metre diameter cable winding carousels. It saw us supply 320-tonnes of high-specification steel, fabricated to create these huge items.

The project involved the fabrication of the two carousels for Brastec-SAS UK, a member of the Brazillian Brastec Technologies Companies. It was commenced in summer 2012, and was finally delivered to the client in the autumn of 2013.

The steelwork from which the carousels was constructed included some high-specification steel plate, introducing additional challenges for Had-Fab. The logistics of the project were also challenging, as each of the carousels was made up of ‘pizza-slice’ sections, each of which was 18-metres in length and weighed in excess of 5-tonnes.  Moving these around our premises and arranging site delivery was far from straightforward.  We also carried out a check-erection of each half of the carousels before they were painted in order to prove the design.

The procurement, specialised welding and material handling logistics demanded that Had-Fab achieve higher skill sets along with greater quality assurance and areas of technical achievement in order to successfully deliver a compliant package.

The project showed how we can work to meet complicated customer demands, while overcoming significant technical and logistical challenges.  We successfully delivered the carousels on time , and they are now located on the banks of the River Tyne, near Newcastle.