Airdrie Community Health Centre Artwork

In the first half of 2012 Had-Fab were involved with a project commissioned by NHS North Lanarkshire for their new community health centre in Airdrie. They wanted some original artwork to be installed inside the central courtyard of the health centre, which would be visible from the inside of the building.

The project was given to civic Architects Ltd, an Edinburgh based architecture company who came up with the idea of the four twisting steelwork structures, based on a repeating octahedron form, all standing over 6m tall. They appointed Edinburgh based Elliott and Company Structural Engineers to carry out the detailed structural analysis before approaching Had-Fab to draw on our experience as a steel and aluminium fabrication and installation firm to make these aspects of the project as efficient as possible.

The structures, made of galvanised box-section steel lengths, are clad in perspex panels covering approximately 50% of their surface area. Had-Fab designed the best way for these to be attached to the steelwork, as well as our design team specifying the method for joining the lengths of box-section together at the nodes and the design of the ground anchor points.

Had-Fab’s primary contribution to the project was to draw on years of experience fabricating steel structures to fabricate the four towers at our workshop in Macmerry, before assembling them and installing them at the health centre. Using our FICEP computer controlled fabrication machinery each member of the structures was cut, punched and drilled to the highest accuracy.

Due to the structures being installed inside the courtyard of a multi-storey building they were fully assembled at our workshop before being transported to Airdrie in one piece and lifted into position by a crane where they were met by our installation team who erected the four towers on June 20th 2012 in under 2 hours from start to finish.

To find out more about the project, visit the architect’s website here: