Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication has been at the core of what we do since the beginning and we are constantly striving to increase our capabilities, and will always endeavour to meet customer needs.

We have worked on a wide range of challenging fabrication projects across a number of industries, where the requirements have been complex. We have always tackled these projects, and we are comfortable working with unconventional designs. The flexibility of our staff and our machinery allows us to tackle even the most complex projects.

Scale of Work

We have two large steel fabrication workshops serviced by overhead gantry cranes up to a maximum of 10-tonnes. We also have a fleet of combilift and conventional counterbalance forklift vehicles to aid the handling of materials and goods.

Our range of FICEP and Vernet Behringer CNC machinery can process all sizes of angles, channels, hollow sections, columns and beams from 45x45x5 equal angles to 1016x305x487 universal beams. We can punch, drill, cut, shape and bend sections to meet design requirements and regularly handle large, heavy sections.

Our experienced and qualified welders can weld complex geometries and heavy sections. We have experience in fabricating large, complicated and fully welded structures.

We hold an extensive stock of black steel in our yard, this ensures we can meet customer’s short lead times when required. We hold stock of common sizes of angles, channels, hollow-sections, columns and plates and can source other material at short notice from our reputable UK suppliers.

Advanced machinery

Our CNC machines are controlled by files output from our detailing and production software to ensure accuracy while maintaining a fast turnaround. Our machines can be instructed to cut to size, punch or drill sections automatically. For small sections, our machines can also shape (clip or back-cut) the ends, meaning a high proportion of machine output requires no further manual input. Where this is not the case, our experienced fabrication personnel will carry out operations (bending, grinding, etc.) as required to finish the components.