Aluminium Fabrication

We have a dedicated area within our workshops for aluminium fabrication. This facility allows us to ensure that our steel and aluminium stock are kept separate as well as minimising the risk of cross-contamination between materials. Aluminium fabrication can be complex, however, we have the necessary facilities and experience built up over many years to produce large numbers of complicated aluminium structures. Aluminium fabrication at Had-Fab is primarily of grade 6082-T6.

Scale of work

The majority of the aluminium fabrication we undertake is the fabrication of fully-welded, lattice-angle support structures designed to support substation equipment. However, our fabrication facilities are flexible and thus the scope of what we are capable of is broad.

Our machinery is capable of cutting, drilling and punching aluminium angles and channels of all common structural sections.

We can produce large orders for customers, where the scope of the work is in excess of 1000  tonnes of finished aluminium product. We also have space available at our aluminium facility for the storage of fabricated aluminium structures before they are delivered to site.

Advanced machinery

At Had-Fab, we use FICEP and Vernet Behringer CNC machines for our aluminium fabrication as well as for steel. This ensures high accuracy and consistency, as well as allowing a high throughput. As with steel, the control files for these machines are output from our detailing and production software.