Our Services

We are specialists in the design and fabrication of steel and aluminium structures. With a long history in the electrical supply industry in the UK and beyond, we now work across a number of industries, providing high quality design, detailing and fabrication of complex structures. We integrate the use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery and Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology into our core workflow.

Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication is at the core of our business and has been from the beginning. We have a huge amount of experience providing all types of steel structures for the electrical supply industry, including transmission towers (pylons) and all types of substation equipment support structures.

We can also fabricate bespoke, one-off, or particularly complex pieces. Whether this is an art sculpture or a specific piece of equipment, we should be able to make it. We have worked on projects across the architectural, construction, transport, offshore and renewables industries in recent years. See our Steel Fabrication page for more information on our steel fabrication capabilities.

Aluminium Fabrication

We have been involved in aluminium fabrication for a number of years, and we are now highly experienced in producing aluminium substation equipment support structures. Over recent years we have manufactured large numbers of welded aluminium lattice structures for substations across the United Kingdom. These are all manufactured at our works in our dedicated aluminium fabrication and storage facility to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Our aluminium structures are manufactured using our CNC machinery, and we CE mark all our aluminium structures. See our Aluminium Fabrication page for more information on our aluminium fabrication capabilities.

Design and Detailing

We have an in-house design department made up of structural engineers and CAD draftsmen. Our engineers are qualified and highly experienced in the structural design of electrical sub-station support structures and access platforms. They utilise 3D structural design software to maximise the efficiency of our designs, and to prove they meet the customer specification.

All designs are then detailed in-house by our experienced draftsmen. Using TEKLA Structures, we are able to construct full 3D models of our structures, and can produce General Arrangement drawings from our models ready for customer approval. These models are then used to control our fabrication machinery, ensuring absolute accuracy.