Yard Space

We have a number of yard spaces to complement the covered fabrication workshops. Our yards give us a total area of 60,700 square metres (653,400 square feet or 15 acres) of space spread out across our four sites, of which over 5,100 square metres (55,000 square feet) is covered fabrication space. We primarily use our yards for storage of stock material and fabricated structures, as well as for check erections.

Stock Material

We hold a large stock of commonly used steel sections in our yard serviced by overhead cranes, allowing the quick and safe selection and transfer of material to fabrication areas.

Check Erections

Our largest yard, on the site of the old aerodrome, is used primarily for check erections. We routinely check erect new structures in order to prove the details on the ground before they are sent for galvanising. This process ensures that our customers can have a very high degree of confidence that the tower, gantry, supporting steel work will fit together first time when delivered to site.


We have the flexibility to store, if required, a significant amount of finished product for our customers should their delivery schedules slip to the right.

We have a facility dedicated to the fabrication and storage of aluminium structures. By keeping this separate from our steel yards we reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

The video below gives an aerial tour of our facilities…