We have 3 separate fabrication workshops on Macmerry Industrial Estate, all within close range of our offices. Investing in multiple facilities has enabled us to segregate aluminium from steel and streamline our manufacturing processes.

Equipment and Facilities

We have a number of FICEP and Vernet Behringer CNC machines, controlled by files output from our detailing and production software. These machines are highly accurate and due to their speed and automation, allow for efficient manufacture. We also have modern general fabrication machinery for high specification fabrication.

All our workshops are serviced by overhead gantry cranes rated to a minimum of 5-tonnes. This allows easy handling of material throughout the fabrication workshops. We also have a fleet of combilift and conventional forklift vehicles that allow material to be moved outwith the areas serviced by the cranes. Having these cranes installed allows safe movement of material around the workshop with the minimum human interaction. It also allows our fabrication staff to be able to move large or complex pieces into place for further fabrication.

Material Separation

Two of our sites are primarily dedicated to the fabrication of steel, while the third site is segregated for aluminium and steel fabrication. This allows us to reduce the risk of cross contamination between aluminium and steel.